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Leading Manufacturer of Medical & Surgical Equipment

Our company is a world class manufacturer of high quality surgical and medical equipment, We manufacture equipment and supplies for hundred of clients all over the globe. Don't hesitate to inquire via phone or email if you require further information.

Ivor Shawn Young

CEO & Founder

Our mission is to provide the absolute highest quality products while treating our clients and employees with care. It is also our focus to proliferate current medical supply availability around the globe and here in Canada. This is especially true with the current pandemic situation around the world.
Our vision is to see a world where there are no shortages of vital medical equipment like MRIs or ventilators. There are many deaths around the world that could easily have been prevented with the availability of medical or surgical projects.
Our strategy in doing business is to facilitate the professional production and distribution of medical supplies and equipment through innovation and continuous investment into client retention and product and manufacturing techniques.

Know Our History

AUG 1996

Started at Scarborough

Our company was founded by Ivor Shawn Young in 1996. His dream was to create a company that can provide high quality surgical and or operating and general medical supplies at a lower price for clients.

SEP 2001

New Factory In Munich

Factory opened in Munich, Germany.

APR 2004

New Company Partnerships

We began partnering with other companies to better server our clients. Some of these companies include, BMO Harris, Tim Hortons, and CIBC, Medtech, and Synergy Medical

DEC 2020

Website Remodeled

We decided to really put our best foot forward and invest into the design and functionality of our website. During the last 24 years having an online presence for a company has become almost a requirement for companies. We realized this and invested into making our website look and perform better than it did previously.

Why Choose Us

Enviormentally Friendly

Our factories recycle would-be wasted material, Our vehicle fleet is 84% electric and we are currently undergoing changes to further preserve the enviorment.

Lasting & Long Term

We have been in business 24+ years in Canada and don't plan on changing that anytime soon.

Easy and Affordable

Our products are affordable and easy to use and of the higest quality. Many payment options offered by our sales team makes it easy to do business with our company.
Production 85%
Custom Design 43%
Customer Satisfaction 90%
Transport and Logistics 67%

Innovative And Top Quality Medical Products

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